Ever Wondered Why DJ’s Charge So Much???

Let me explain…

Being a DJ takes more than just buying lots of music. It takes professional equipment that doesn’t come off the shelf at Best Buy. Don’t get me wrong, those stores carry good products, but they were not designed for the beating mobile DJ equipment sometimes takes. Professional equipment is designed to be very rugged and durable, and this durability comes at a price.

How did you find the number for this DJ in the first place? Whether you got it from the yellow pages, a web site, or a radio ad, these things cost money. Successful DJs have the money to advertise more, so it only stands to reason that a DJ with lots of advertising is probably successful. DJ’s that aren’t very good at what they do usually aren’t very successful, so it does stand to reason that DJs with more advertising are better than DJs without as much advertising.

Time Invested:
A DJ does much more than play music during your event. Equipment has to be maintained, music has to be purchased, meetings are held with the customer, etc. All these things take time. Sure the DJ may be charging 100,000 for your four hour event, but it takes many hours of preparation to produce those four hours. A good DJ usually spends two to three times as long preparng for the event as the event lasts, so your four hour event is actually taking up eight to twelve hours of the DJs time before the event has even started. This still means you’re paying around 8,000 an hour for a DJ, but it is a professional DJ.

Insurance is a must for a good DJ. Any DJ with an ounce of experience can tell you of times when someone tripped on the dance floor, tripped over a cord, had a guest knocks a light stand over, etc. These accidents can have serious repercussions. What if your nephew slips on soapy water from the bubble machine and winds up in the hospital? What if the flashing DJ lights cause someone to have a seizure? Insurance is important, but its also very expensive so many amatuer DJs often neglect or ignore it.

If you’re having a wedding reception, you’d probably appreciate it if the DJ was nicely dressed, and you’d like your written contract to actually be printed, right? Such little things as preprinted contract, suits and/or tuxedos, promotional pamphletes, web sites, and even business cards are the signs of a professional DJ. Someone who spends enough time doing their job that they have all these “extras”. But like everything else, they cost money.

A good DJ will have at least 1000 CDs or 15,000 songs. Also, a good DJ doesn’t pirate music. And, since new music is being released daily, DJs buys new music on a regular basis. How fun would your event be if the DJs newest CD was INXS or Garth Brooks? Music libraries take time and money to build. A large library is a good sign of experience.


Professional DJs will always be part of some association. Professional associations help the DJ by teaching fresh ideas, helping set standards of conduct, and keeping the DJ informed of things that the DJ may not have considered on his own. Most professional associations charge a membership fee however, so like insurance, many amateur DJs don’t join them.

Thanks for reading.


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