Dear Vanessa Mdee (Vee Money)

We haven’t met YET, but it will be a magical moment once we do.

I think the time has come for me to confess my feelings (and slight obsession) for you. When I first met you, you were gracing your presence on a show…or was it a magazine cover. NO! It was your voice on a song.

Actually, I am not sure how we met. Anyway, what started out as a physical attraction slowly turned into something more as I began to follow you on your social media accounts and gush over your pictures. I would show you to all my friends and blush whenever you were mentioned. At times, I felt as though the only person I wanted to see was you. But you are not here.

While there are times where you may be much older than me, I would like to point out that I am much more mature in the mind. When I gush about you to my friends, they may not see you the way I do, and I would like to say that I defend you and emphasize how amazing you are. 

I also care about you…(a lot). I care so much that I took some time to research everything there is to know about you, whether it be your favorites food, what kind of music you listen, or, more importantly, past relationships. I believe that once we meet, we will be made to last. Trust me, I have pictured the moment in my head and it will be magical. I know, I know there may be a possibility that you could be someone else, someone who may also be of celebrity status. But I will still be here, pining for you. 

So, Vanessa Mdee, I want to end this letter by saying thank you (you’re a very busy lady i don’t want to take much of your time). Thank you for using your beautiful voice to sing beautiful songs for me and for just being all-around awesome. I know our day will come…(I hope.)


The one you have been waiting for, (even if you don’t know it yet) 

DJ Explod


One thought on “Dear Vanessa Mdee (Vee Money)

  1. Hahahaha first of all am shocked…I thought I was alone …in this vanessa Mdee love struggle…but I see we are together😂😂😂😂……..well in my head vee and I are besties for life❤….and jux is my shemeji😂😂😂….wewe na dreams zako ota tu…… But this mamaa wins all day

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