Tembea world

Hello fam,hope y’all are okey,happy with some touches of sunshine in your lives,hope Kenyans are keeping the peace and good neighbourliness ahead of our general elections this coming week.LET LOVE,PEACE AND HARMONY LEAD OUR WAYS.

We live in a world where you fall and it`s your fault your are a ‘clumsy walker’.You fail in your exams……you play too much in school,you need a tutor,your phone snatched and your friend circle reduced.In our society everything is black and white….I mean the society has answers to everything.
Your husband beats you up… had it coming,you caused it,you are too loud and hardheaded… are not as submissive as a wife should be,you provoked…you…you…you are the reason you were assaulted.

Our society finds every reason to place the victim on the wrong and make them feel like they deserved whatever happened to them…..Regardless of how much they are hurting……the situation will…

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