DJ Explod is a professional DJ. He started playing in 2012 and is currently playing regularly every day in different clubs and gigs. 

Having spent alot of time playing at all major local night clubs (alongside known deejays), holding residency, DJing at special events (weddings, political rallys, roadshows etc)  and promoting his own shows,  DJ Explod has had alot of time to develop himself.

DJ Explod is doing shows dubbed “Fiesta Parties.” He aims at taking similar parties to as many clubs and venues. 

He is also know as “The Natural Born Spinner.”

To him, it’s all about the mood and deep hypnotic groove, playing tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without realizing it regardless of the genre, tempo, style, ambiance and release date. 

The following are some of the clubs and gigs he’s played at; 

  • Club Maxland – Mountain Mall, Roasters.
  • Marhaba Lounge & Sports Bar – Homeland, Thika Road. 
  • Musketeers Bar & Grill – Homeland, Thika Road. 
  • Utopia Lounge – Inside Fun City Gardens, Utawala
  • Scarlet Bar & Lounge – Eastern Bypass, Kamakis.
  • Club Zingi – Utawala. 
  • Club Ultimate – Utawala. 
  • Victoria Lounge -Rongai.



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  • Kuza Kipawa Best Male DJ of The Year


  • Campus icon on Kenyatta University Radio 99.9FM

I guarantee great music and entertainment.